5 Tips to Overcome Stress as a Small Business Owner

My best friend called to ask how my day was going. And I nearly cried. I’m busy. I’m stressed.

Like any business owner I feel pulled in a thousand directions at once. And that day, putting one more thing on that to-do list…felt like I was going to pop.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, a yogi, a coffee shop owner, or you own your own pet store — if you own a business you have periods of being — let’s call it “frazzled.” You may have some colorful language to explain the feeling….you get the point.

So here are 5 quick tips to help lower the stress and get back to feeling sane.

Put it in your calendar

Then I tend to do the easier stuff first and put off doing the less fun things. If I schedule what I need to do in my calendar I’m more likely to get more done.

Give yourself some credit

Get support



Some exercise, some caffeine and some conversation helped me feel like I could get a grip on my day.

And always, remember why you started a business: you love what you do. You are passionate about your services and your product! It’s okay to slow it down to take care of yourself. Your business needs you, so take care of yourself in order to take care of your business.

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