ICO for short is a practice of crowdfunding for blockchain projects. ICO can be compared to Initial Public Offering (IPO). You get the idea now!

Before a cryptocurrency is listed on marketplace and exchanges, it is offered to investors.

Depending on the startup, the offering can either be open to…

Do you know you can get a new client by uploading your portfolio and content samples on a website without actively pitching?

4 website writers can upload their samples and portfolio to land new clients without pitching

Freelance writers are in high demand. But landing new clients can be the harder than doing the actual writing.

For each project posted on a job board, you are in competition with many. And you are constantly trying to prove you are the best candidate.

In which you don’t know…

Earlier today, I asked my friends two questions.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Yeah, happy new month to you all.

Did you evaluate yourself? Yes, I just did.

Also, I wanted to discuss with anyone who is open enough to answer the damn question.

Well, it worked out fine.

Not a hundred percent as you are thinking

I won't share screenshot of the response but your comments will be highly appreciated

To the question proper,

  1. What were your goals for last month (June)
  2. What were the results?

No fluff freelance writing tips for beginners on how to start freelance writing.


You are a new freelance writer. You do not have a niche yet. And you want to be a freelance writer.

Then, you can get started writing about your passion, your pains, and your problems. …


If content is King & I am the king’s Maker. Writes about Marketing, Ecommerce, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Tech, and anything that interests me. Writer For Hire

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